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          Application range of supercritical extraction equipment

          Application range of supercritical extraction equipment

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          Carbon dioxide, is currently the most widely used of the supercritical fluid, this is mainly because it has no toxicity, low critical temperature with cheaper price and other factors. The most notable research field in recent years, mainly in the functional components of extraction, fiber dyeing technology, the cleaning of the semiconductor, special medicinal ingredients of grain production, dry cleaning technology, chemical reaction and supercritical fluid technology net meters, etc. The following is a common application of supercritical carbon dioxide in all kinds of industry

          The food industry

          A. Vegetable oils (soybean oil, castor oil, palm oil, cocos fat, corn oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ)

          Oil extraction

          B. Extraction of animal fat (fish oil, liver oil, various aquatic oil); Food ingredients (rice, noodles, eggs)

          The skim

          C. separation and purification of lipid mixtures (glycerides, fatty acids, lecithin, etc.)

          D. Decolorization and deodorization of grease

          E. extraction of vegetable pigments and natural flavor ingredients

          F. coffee, black tea decaffeinated

          G. Extraction of hops

          Concentration of fermentable alcohol

          Cosmetic industry

          A. extraction of higher fatty acids (EPA, DHA, dehydroascorbic acid, etc.) from fish oil

          B. The extraction of higher fatty acids from plants or bacteria, such as aromatic linolenic acid

          C. Extraction of medicinal ingredients (alkaloids, flavonoids, fat-soluble vitamins, glucoside, etc.)

          D. Extraction of spice ingredients (animal spices, plant spices, etc.)

          E. Extraction of cosmetic raw materials (skin beautifier, surfactant, fatty acid ester, etc.)

          F. Tobacco removes nicotine.

          Aerogel equipment

          Aerogel equipment

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