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Colorful and Artistic Sugar Skull Tattoos and their Meanings

August 22, 2013 by , under Skull Tattoos.


Sugar skull tattoo is a bit scary to see for some people. When you see it, you’d assume that it symbolizes death or evil. But you’ve to keep in mind that the skull doesn’t only signify death. Just like any other designs, this one has several meanings. It could be about protection, power, darkness or even love.

sugar skull tattoo
Tattoo by marleymabe/flickr

In reality, it reminds you about the life that you’ve to life to the fullest. With it, you’ll have a constant reminder that, at some point in your timeline, you’ll die. Fortunately, this type of design doesn’t only appeal to men. Rather, it can also be put on women’s skin.
colorful sugar skull tattoo<
Stunning Sugar Skull Tattoo by maliareynolds/flickr

Meaning of Sugar Skull Tattoo
It represents the Day of the Dead in Mexican holiday. It’s essentially a day when you celebrate your loved ones who have passed away. Think of it as an All Soul’s day. This tattoo is somehow a tribute to a loved one that you’ve lost. For instance, you can have it ink on your right arm to remember your grandparents.

When the Day of the Day in Mexico comes, people here celebrate it by making skulls made from sugar and candy, thus, the birth of sugar skull tattoo.

purple sugar skull tattoo
Photo by Staffies are NOT Dangerous Spread the Word !

Requirements of getting this design
You don’t have to be a member of a certain religious group to appreciate its artistic value. For centuries, tattoo artists have enjoyed this design and considered it as an artistic platform.

If you want this design to be on your skin, you’ll have to recognize its importance and respect its history. Then again, there isn’t a defined rule for such design. You can have a more traditional skull, i.e. with squared chin shape. Or you can go with a more exaggerated style that has protruding cheekbones.

Sugar skull tattoo on arm
Tattoo by Deadly Ink on Flickr

With sugar skull tattoo, you can have the skull decorated with almost anything. The most popular ones are stars, dots, lines, flowers, and swirls. However, if you don’t know what to add to the skull, then your tattoo artist may suggest something based on your personality or the things that you like. But, just like in any other designs, you shouldn’t copy someone else’s idea. When it comes to tattoos, you’ve to come up with your own design and style that gives meaning to your life.

woman sugar skull tattoo
Tattoo by Tattoo Guy/flickr

Different meanings
1. Human skull
This signifies safety and long life.

2. Evil skull

This is usually chosen by many who’ve experienced life and death situations, like accidents and getting birth.
Then, there’s the skull considered to be a lucky charm. This is usually requested by teenagers. This design gives them a reminder to always strive hard in everything that they do, so they can achieve whatever dreams they’ve.
Overall, sugar skull tattoo has different meanings for different people. You may have it as a reminder of someone, lucky charm or acknowledgement of your second life.

sugar skull tattoo on arm
photo by Andrey Keske/flickr

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