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Cute Love Tattoo Designs

April 11, 2013 by , under Symbol Tattoos.


Love is the universal theme that transcends boundaries, religions, races, colors, beliefs and traditions. If there is one language that can be understood by all people from different parts of the world, that would be love. Being in love and being loved is definitely one great thing, a true blessing that everyone would surely want to experience. Due to the undeniable fact that this feeling is like the air that people breathe, as without it, it is impossible to live, this is being incorporated in many works of art, including tattoos. Love tattoo designs go beyond boundaries when it comes to showing one’s devotion to not only for a partner but also for one’s father, mother, daughter, son, trees, life, or even God.

love letter tattoo
love letter tattoo

The heart is one symbol which is known all over the world as the best to portray love, and in fact, it is the longtime symbol for this particular feeling. Whenever you see a heart, you will instantly think of love. Every time you would like to express how much you care for a person or thing, you can always use hearts. But when it comes to tattoo designs, inking the word “Love” itself is more preferred by some individuals. When done properly, these can look really good and even cute.

love tattoos
Love is enough.

“Love” body arts can actually be done using some fancy artworks and can be adorned with hearts, flowers or even stars. Body inks like these can come in numerous designs and you can have them in just about part of your body.
But do you know that aside from symbolizing the feeling itself, this kind of tattoos can be the symbol of various aspects that are associated to love such as trust, passion, hope, faith, inspiration, devotion, and friendship.

love tattoo on wrist
love tattoos on wrist

Probably one of the many reasons why these love tattoo designs are a favorite of men and women alike is the fact that they do not have to be necessarily the symbol of love for a romantic partner. You can have it inked on your body as a sign of devotion to your family, a close friend, or your passion or love for something. For instance, you like dogs. You can have a body art designed to represent this kind of liking that you feel.

love tattoo on shoulder
love tattoo on shoulder

Before getting a tattoo though, you need to conduct an in depth research first in order to ensure that you will fully understand the meaning and representation behind your chosen symbol. It is also important that you choose a good tat artist who will be able to come up with only the best tattoo design that would suit your style and preference. This way, you will not end up getting a body art that would only make you regret.

They say that love is not really the thing that makes the world go round because in reality, it is what makes the ride truly worthwhile. If there is such affection inside your heart that you would like to express and show to the whole world, make sure that you get the best love tattoo designs right away and get that feeling of yours out in the open for everyone to admire.

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